KissengerThere’s something fascinating about being able to kiss somebody who’s miles away from you, and the number of devices that mimic such an experience is far from few. Well, it looks like we’ve got yet another one to add to the list. Called Kissenger, the device resembles an eyeless Mr. Potato Head, which could be creepy for some folks. It comes in a pair – one for you and one for your partner and works just like you would expect it to.

Kissing the lips on the Kissenger will activate pressure sensors and actuators that transmit your kiss in real time over the internet to the receiving Kissenger. The receiving Kissenger then reproduces the kissing pressure patterns you created, letting your partner experience  your lips despite being far away from you. At the moment it’s still in its prototype stage and will not be commercialized until “all the ethical and technical considerations are covered.” It doesn’t seem ethically wrong to me, though being walked in on a make out session with the Kissenger might raise a few questions. Check out the video demo below:

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