We have an unidentified Wi-Fi connected camera from Logitech that has just made its way over to the FCC, where it was labelled as the Logitech Broadcaster. A wee bit of snooping around revealed that the Logitech Broadcaster could very well be able to have its camera work without the need for any cables – similar to how Livestream’s Broadcaster (how ironic, they share the same moniker as well) add-on. Of course, let us keep our fingers crossed for Logitech’s sake that the Logitech Broadcaster will not suffer the same fate as that of the FlipLive cams. Basically, this FCC approved device will connect via a Wi-Fi network, but we have no idea on how it will be juiced – perhaps through an internal battery, or a power adapter? I guess since it has already hit the FCC, it is only a matter of time before it will hit the market assuming Logitech sees that there is enough consumer population who will buy into the idea.

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