Work in the laboratory can be pretty routine at times, and sometimes, it can be very difficult – and dangerous. However, what happens when we can conduct experiments in a far safer manner – that is, not using humans but robots instead? This is where the Mahoro lab android comes in handy, and at least it does away with hypothetical situations in labs that resulted in villains such as the great Dr. Octopus who is part of Spiderman’s rogue gallery. Mahoro was co-developed by AIST and Yaskawa, and functions as a general-purpose android to perform automated lab work which previously could only be performed manually.

The Mahoro lab android is capable of performing tasks, like dispensing and culturing, in a manner that is far speedier and more precise compared to ordinary humans. Not only that, it can perform clinical tests and work with biohazards efficiently. Guess this means there won’t be any Resident Evil style viral outbreaks, right?

Mahoro is extremely flexible, boasting an arm which has seven joints. Factory automation robots are one short, and under a factory condition, a hand is normally able to be positioned freely using just half a dozen joints. By incorporating a seventh axis, the elbow motion can be reproduced accurately, allowing the robot far more freedom to move about.

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