There are many uses for QR code, and here we are with a rather unique example – that is, a QR code used in the Man of Steel comic. What you see on the right is the clearest official image to date of the entire Superman costume as it will debut in Man of Steel. You will need to rely on the BrowsAR augmented reality app on your device which runs on either the iOS or Android operating system. While it might take some time to load up, the end result would be having you get a full view of the real Superman, where the no longer wears the traditional trunks.

Other than that, everything else is as expected – the signature red boots, red cape as well as the all time favorite “S” emblem on his chest. what other ways are there to make use of a QR code in collector’s items like comic books? Do you like the way advertising is done with the use of QR codes now in popular media?

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