Dimmie Flay of Australia and her boyfriend used to play Mario games while they were still young. And apparently they still do now. Dimmie decided to go against the odds by proposing to her boyfriend. How? She came up with a brilliant idea – a Mario-themed box with the ring on it. She then managed to include a text inside the box that says “BE MY PLAYER TWO?” Dimmie says she wanted to be the player one, so she’s inviting her beau to be player two – in the game of marriage. As you can see above, her Mario-themed box looks quite nice.

It even has a “PRESS START” caption on it. Thankfully, her boyfriend said yes, and the rest was history. “When he opened it I could only manage to squeak out “Wanna get married?” and he looked at the box and then at me with a confused and surprised expression. Luckily, he responded ‘Yes!’ and then followed it up with a pout and ‘But I want to be player one!'” she said. Although the story is rather corny, I must admit that the Mario concept was pretty cool.

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