Konami just released the official Metal Gear Solid Rising gameplay footage that explains how the controls work and what the player can do. If you’ve been following E3 for the past couple of years, you probably know that Metal Gear Solid Rising (MGS Rising) features a 3D-engine that allows the player to cut any target objects in a realistic way. This is typically very difficult as most polygonal objects in games are normally solid and hollow. Konami did a great job with this.

On the surface, the game itself is a fancy beat-them-up not unlike God of War, Heavenly Sword and other titles of that sort, except that MGS Rising features its own fancy combo hits and finish. Raiden, the main character from Metal Gear Solid 2, was a little boo-booed when he popped into the series (well, it’s just hard to replace Solid Snake…) but this may be the title that will make him enter the video game Hall of Fame. What do you think? Is Konami’s Raiden character ready for a main role?

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