Researchers over at Georgia Tech have come up with a wireless, musical glove which is said to be able to improve sensation and motor skills for those who have some form of paralyzing spinal cord injury (SCI). Originally, it was tested successfully by those who have limited feeling or movement in their hands because of tetraplegia. Such patients were in such a condition for over a year prior to the study, where this is the time frame when majority of rehab patients see very little improvement for the rest of their lives.

In fact, this device was used mainly when the participants were living their routines as normal. Known as Mobile Music Touch (MMT), this glove resembles a workout glove that has a tiny box located on the back, where it is used in tandem with a piano keyboard, and will vibrate a person’s fingers to point out just which keys are meant to be played. During the instrument learning process, there were a few folks with SCI who experienced improved sensation in their fingers. It does seem as though the rehabilitation process has gotten yet another winner thanks to the Mobile Music Touch. [Press Release]

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