Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart watch receives $100 price cut, now more affordable for the masses

If you ever wanted a smart watch but felt that the options out there were a little out of your price range, you’re in luck as it appears that Motorola’s MOTOACTV smart watch has  received a $100 price cut, making it a more affordable option for those looking to accessorize for the summer. The watch will now cost $150 for the 8GB version and $200 for the 16GB version. Alternatively for those looking  to monitor their golf swings and technique, that version will retail for $300 – not too bad, right? For those wondering, the MOTOACTV smart watch lets users pair the watch with an Android smartphone, which will then synchronize your fitness record and progress with Motorola’s cloud service. If you don’t own an Android smartphone, the watch itself will be able to double as a pedometer and a music player and will even pair with ANT+ accessories such as heart rate monitors.

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