Nintendo is said to be selling 3DS game download codes at online retailers, and some of these retailers would include Tsutaya Online Shopping, Rakuten Books, Seven Net Shopping, and Joshin Net Shopping. Just what can you do with these download codes? Well, you can enjoy God-mode in all Mario games, wait a minute here, I have gone off tangent. You cannot do that, but with the download codes which you purchased, you can then use them to download games from the 3DS e-Shop.

To put things into perspective, you end up with a trio of choices when it comes to purchasing a downloadable 3DS game. Firstly, you can pick it up straight from the 3DS e-Shop, obtain a download code from an online retailer, lastly, to purchase a download card that will carry a download code, from a convenience store such as 7-Eleven. All but the first case will come with a 150 day expiry date for you to complete the download beforehand.

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