I certainly can identify with the feeling of wanting a particular piece of hardware upon first glance – you can call it “lust at first sight” if you want to. Remember back in the day when Nintendo’s Game Boy ruled the roost? A transparent case version came out (which ran on a couple of batteries instead of a quartet to make it more efficient) that certainly wowed the portable gaming world. I guess old habits die hard, and here we are with a snapshot of the Nintendo 3DS XL – in all of its transparent glory.

Recently used by Nintendo to parade the device’s innards during a Q&A session on its website, this does not seem to be headed in the direction of any manufacturing plants, but rather, functions as an extra large test dummy device. However, I suppose if the winds of opinion are favorable according to Nintendo’s meteorologists, then hopefully they will be able to crank something magical from their production lines in due time. Perhaps there is a third party hardware manufacturer who wants to take up the challenge?

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