Nokia used to be a mobile phone giant that did not seem as though they could do any wrong. Back in their heydays, just about anything and everything that Nokia rolled out turned into pure gold, regardless of whether it targeted the entry level crowd or the high end fashionista movement. Well, it seems that a leaked Nokia phone design has started to make its rounds around the Internet, featuring an unknown segment located right above the display. It might be a D-Pad, but knowing how Nokia was burnt from their previous N-Gage experience, I doubt that they would take the gaming smartphone route yet again.

One cannot say that these designs hail from the previous century, as they started to appear in October last year, so from then since until now, perhaps Nokia’s engineers might have done their bit to make the necessary modifications before getting this particular phone design a final push to the mass market. What do you think Nokia will do with this design? Image courtesy of Nokia Port.

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