If you thought your 40″ display was awesome for gaming, wait until you check out Norman Design’s latest project: a portable 160″ curved screen solution. Designed for drivers and customers with deep-enough wallets, this gigantic display was built to give users an immersive experience when it comes to F1 training. While it’s not something you expect to move around the room every now and then, it only weighs 50kg, which means it shouldn’t be too hard to do so with a couple of people.

Special software is required for a computer to work the projectors behind the display, but other than that it should work on any regular PC (with good enough specs to support high-res gaming). Customers can pick one up for $28,570 with a bundled PC or $114,285 with a movable F1 car cockpit, the computer and an F1 game as well. Check out the video demonstration above to see it in action.

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