There is value in heritage buildings in cities all over the world, but on the other hand, some dilapidated and sick buildings do need a facelift – and desperately, too. The EXIT Architects decided to take up this challenge by transforming the Palencia Civic Center into something out of this world. Originally a prison, the Palencia Civic Center is a 19th century building that literally had its roof torn off, while EXIT Architects weaved their redesign magic all over the place, resulting in what you see above.

The original prison was built after the Neo-Mudéjar style which became extremely popular in Spain at that time. It was made out mostly of decorative brick, coupled with tile roofs and more often than not arranged in elaborate patterns, EXIT Architects decided to merge the old and the new. While the brick facades and structure remain in place, you will find metallic geometric forms that make the entire building look different. Zinc panels were retro-fitted with translucent “windows,” flooding the interior with daylight, flushing out vampires and other nasties in the process.

When dusk falls, these panels seem to glow thanks to the lighting within for a truly breathtaking effect.

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