The folks over at the FCC must have a pretty fun job, putting numerous devices through their paces each day in order to make sure those devices are ready for action in living rooms and homes across the country. The Eluga Live tablet from Panasonic was caught in the past, where it was slated for a NTT DoCoMo release, but somehow or rather, it seems that this little tablet managed to make its way across the Pacific, arriving at the FCC’s doorsteps, hence allowing us to be privy to its internal specifications.

We now know from the FCC filing that the Panasonic Eluga Live (also known as the Panasonic P-08D) tablet will be able to play nice with the 850MHz bands, so theoretically, it ought to play nice with AT&T. Apart from that, there are also features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and DLNA support. No exact word on availability though, but we intend to keep our eyes peeled for further developments.

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