Are you looking forward to spend some quality time with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on your PS Vita when it finally hits the market? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to hear that the adage, “the early bird gets the worm” certainly rings true this time around. After all, those who have placed a pre-order for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale would be on the receiving end of an exclusive set of costumes that will cater for the entire gamut of characters in the game.


To date, eight characters were revealed to the masses, but those who have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning might want to check back tomorrow to see who else will join the eight announced characters in the ring. The two new characters set to debut would happen at the Exhibition Presentation at EVO in Las Vegas later this evening. When PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is launched, you are able to unlock multiple costumes for each character, although the pre-order version will offer exclusive costumes that cannot be gotten anywhere else.

Mark October 23rd on your calendars, boys and girls, as that is when PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will finally hit the deck running.

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