Remember how Google’s Project Glass wowed basically everyone who attended the recently concluded Google I/O? Well, someone was inspired by Project Glass and decided to do something about it using his own hands. Will Powell decided to cobble together an application which is capable of delivering translated subtitles in real time, and in the YouTube video that you see above, it allowed Will to carry out a conversation with his sister, Elizabeth, with the former speaking in English while the latter’s tongue wagging to the nuances of the Spanish language.

The hardware requirements for this Project Glass inspiration relied on a couple of Raspberry Pi boards, Vuzix Star 1200, and a Jawbone microphone. Audio will obviously be picked up by the Jawbone microphone, where it is then streamed to a server which can recognize and translate the language thanks to the Microsoft translate API and its caching layer, returning a translated subtitle in the process. Sounds great if you are a tourist visiting a foreign country where the language sounds like Greek to you…

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