I guess it is safe to say that one should not ingest microchips at any time – not only is the feeling uncomfortable, passing it out on the other hand does not sound as though it is one of the more pleasant and comfortable experiences to date. Not only that, I do not think you will be able to get the kind of taste that you look forward to in terms of just desserts. Well, the Proteus digestible microchips are pills that are meant to be eaten (hopefully you are able to choose from a wide range of flavors), and once you have swallowed them, they operate right from within your body, where all important medical data will be transmitted directly to your phone.

The amount of technology has yet to progress to a stage where the ingested pills will be able to rewire your insides, transforming you into a cyborg of sorts. Apart from that, Proteus Digital Health wants to continue working on a system which is capable of verifying whether you are have been a good patient who has been taking your medication. The Proteus digestible microchips are made out of little amounts of silicon, magnesium, and copper, and upon swallowing it, your stomach’s acid will result in the microchip to generate a small voltage signal which can be detected using a skin patch. This patch will transmit a confirmation message to your handset which in turn sends it over to your doctor.

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