Modder extraordinary Ben Heck has come up with a new project which might just interest the many people who have picked up the Raspberry Pi DIY computer. Basically, modders and next-generation engineers are able to make use of the surprisingly affordable $35 Raspberry Pi as part of the BBC Micro-inspired keyboard. According to Ben, “I got a big kick out of having the chance to tinker with a Raspberry Pi. Now I understand why everyone’s so excited about it. The possibilities are endless, and it can really help inspire kids to learn coding again.”

Ben was basically inspired to come up with this particular Raspberry Pi creation in the form of a BBC Micro-inspired keyboard, where it will feature a vintage custom enclosure, cartridge slots and an add-on experimenter’s kit. Relying on wood and hinge construction, resulting in an antique-inspired computer which will open up like an old desk whenever the keyboard is lifted up. Ben’s box construction paves the way for an on/off switch, Ethernet connectivity, video/audio composite, DC 5V input and a USB hub. C++ programming was implemented in order to have it run tests via the experimentation kit.

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