Here we are with yet another gaming mouse in the market, and this time around, the Razer Ouroboros will be worth looking into if you happen to be a southpaw. Basically, we are talking about an ambidextrous and ergonomic mouse that is fully customizable for just about everyone. After all, no two people have similarly sized hands, and everyone holds their mouse in a different manner. When looking at form factor preferences for ambidextrous mice, Razer’s team of ergonomic scientists and engineers realized that there is a trio of key factors which will affect the design – and they are the length of the mouse, the back arch and the grip profile.

With this knowledge, the Razer Ouroboros was specially designed for precision gaming, sporting an adjustable palm rest that allows it to move up to 0.9″, making it suitable for just about everyone’s hand sizes. Not only that, the Razer Ouroboros also comes with a couple of interchangeable side panels that allows you to change the footprint of the mouse so that it can suit claw, palm or hybrid grip styles. Not only that, it comes with an adjustable back tilt angle so that there is adequate palm support, in addition to an enhanced sensor technology that is capable of up to 8200 dpi, accompanied by a dedicated, built-in dpi clutch trigger button so that one can always achieve pinpoint precision. The asking price? $129.99 a pop as it rolls out in the fourth quarter of this year. [Press Release]

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