Due to text messages merely being text, sometimes our emotions are not conveyed or are misread. Some might take typing all in caps to be shouting and angry, while the person who sent it might have simply been too lazy to disable the caps lock. That being said, it seems the folks at RIM are thinking outside of the box when it comes to text messaging and have applied for a patent(this would make it the second text-related patent this week from RIM) that apparently is capable of detecting the user’s emotion and sending an appropriate text message in response. We’re not sure how this will be achieved – front-facing cameras detecting our facial expressions, buttons to sense our heart rate, etc.? While that remains to be seen, we have to wonder if this particular patent will be making its way onto future Blackberry devices, but what do you guys think? Will this be useful enough to help set RIM’s Blackberry devices apart from the competition, or does it seem more like a novelty feature?

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