Filling up potholes can be quite the thankless job for local municipal councils, but it is a necessary job that needs to be done. Sometimes, it can get quite hot and sweltering under the unforgiving afternoon sun, and here we are with a robot that could eventually end up filling up potholes throughout the city, while making sure that its roads are clean. At the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B for short), it demonstrated its latest pan-India robotics competition known as E-Yantra, which is open to all undergraduate engineering students. The whole idea is to create different kinds of robots, and one such programme include the ability for robots to fill up potholes. Well, this would certainly mean less work for us humans, but it could also translate to having less accidents while being on the job, right? After all, the robots can work round the clock without worrying about being tired or asking for a raise, and they won’t even pull off a strike.

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