Sakar International must have decided that it is a good thing to team up with a movie franchise that is more or less guaranteed to be a huge hit this summer – The Dark Knight Rises, that is. After all, this is the final installment in the Dark Knight trilogy, and Sakar International intends to milk this particular partnership for all it is worth. I suppose kids would benefit the most from this, as you can always kick start your day with the Batman Alarm Clock Radio which will project the Bat-Signal on the wall or ceiling, while there is also a 3-in-1 digital camera that delivers still, video and web-cam capability alongside a trio of interchangeable face plates.

Want to get a little bit more adventurous with your imagination? Not an issue, thanks to the three-piece Batman Adventure Kit that comprises of adventure necessities, including a 35mm camera, flashlight and binoculars. Too bad all of these gadgets and toys do not come with the brains that Bruce Wayne has, not to mention his street fighting ability and the knowledge of disabling his enemy. Ah well, it is just time to send your imagination into overdrive, that’s all.

I do find it rather strange that Sakar International’s site lacks the relevant information on something this big…weird. [Press Release]

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