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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to arrive in US a day earlier than in Europe?

Just a few days ago, we brought you word that sources close to Samsung say that the Galaxy Note 2 is primed and ready for an August 15th rollout in Europe, and here is a bit of news which might just bring some added cheer to the masses living Stateside. There are whispers going around that Samsung will parade a Galaxy Note 2 with LTE capability for the US alongside a different variant, one day before IFA kicks off in Europe. It might not make that much sense when you think about it though, as this does not seem to be the traditional route where a flagship device is announced to the world.

One must also take note (pun not intended) that the Samsung Galaxy Note is far more popular in Europe than back home in the US, so for a sequel to the Galaxy Note being announced Stateside a day earlier? I’d better take this with a grain of salt, and so should you. As things stand at this point in time, we will just have to sit it out and wait.

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