Remember our earlier story about how the Samsung Galaxy S3 actually had some heat related issues? It seems that an external energy source has been touted to be the main cause for the Galaxy S3 which did seem to have suffered from heat-related damage. Samsung hired Fire Investigations UK (FIUKSamsun), who is an independent third-party organization, in order to find out the real cause of the damage which happened to the Galaxy S3 which was apparently affected by heat. The damaged device was examined as well as exposed to a range of tests, where the investigation summary points out that “the energy source responsible for generating the heat has been determined as external to the device” in addition to “the device was not responsible for the cause of the fire.”

Not only that, the investigation results point out that “the only way it was possible to produce damage similar to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts within a domestic microwave.” In fact, the owner of the affected Galaxy S3 did post that he was responsible for the damage to the Galaxy S3 smartphone, so one can surmise that this is not the fault of Samsung at all.

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1280x720 Super AMOLED
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~$155 - Amazon
8 MP
F2.6 Aperture Size
Image Stabilization
133 g
2100 mAh
Removable Battery
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Exynos 4412 + MicroSD
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