We have had word that Dell and HP are working on a Windows RT tablet (according to Digitimes, whose track record in terms of accuracy has not exactly been the best to date), although there was also word that there is HP might be ditching plans for a Windows RT tablet. Samsung has also thrown their lot into the Windows RT tablet scene, or so it seems, as the South Korean conglomerate is said to be one of the first to deliver such a tablet that will be powered by ARM-based processors instead of chips that run on Intel’s offering. I guess there are always fanboys in terms of different camps that they support, so with the new Windows RT tablets, they will run on either ARM or Intel processors.

It is said that the Samsung Windows RT tablets will roll out when Windows 8 itself is revealed later this October, at least according to Bloomberg. It will definitely aid Microsoft in their effort to make a dent into the tablet market, which is currently dominated by the iPad from Apple.

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