Landmines that were dropped many decades ago in certain countries during times of war are still active – and concerted efforts are still being made so that no one else gets maimed. British students have come up with a robot that was built using recycled materials in order to detect underwater mines, now how about that? A total of seven students from the University of the West of England are behind the design and construction of this massive 20,000 pound underwater robot, using nothing but regular household junk, an Internet router and spare parts from cars.

The camera on this DIY robot was sourced from a Sony PS3, while a broadband router in addition to fan guards from a defunct computer will also see action underneath the hood. Not only that, a reverse light from a Land Rover is also given a new lease of life here. Known as the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), it relies on sensors and sonar in order to map out just where the underwater mines are. Other uses for this would include inspecting oil rigs or cleaning the base structures of sea wind farms.

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