We seem to be surrounded by “smart” products these days – smart cars, smartphones, smart homes, smart windows…the list goes on and on, but does this mean that humans are getting less and less smart? Well, if you do not think so, and feel that us humans still have the upper hand in terms of smartness, then you might be interested to check out the Smart Product Design Contest by iFixit, Core77 and Autodesk which offers a delicious prize for those who aim for nothing but the top – a trip to A Better World by Design Fall Conference in Providence, RI, USA which will be held from September 27-30 later this year, in addition to a fully paid round trip airfare, 3 nights’ stay at the hotel, a conference pass, $1,000 in spending money, and an iFixit tool kit and tool box.

I would assume that if you are able to figure out what we might need which is not only connected and wired, but will also be nice to the environment and not a pain to take apart and repair at all, while boasting the longevity of consumer electronics of yore, you should be able to nick the top prize without a fight. The thing is, in this day and age, is such a device possible? You have your say in the Smart Product Design Contest then.

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