RS Medical has announced that it will be  begin distributing the SmartPReP 2 Platelet Concentrate System from Harvest Technologies in the U.S. The SmartPReP 2 system is basically designed to produce platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a blood plasma with highly concentrated platelets that will help optimize conditions for healing. The SmartPReP 2 Platelet Concentrate System features a floating shelf technology, optimized platelet recovery, high platelet concentrations, fast processing time, and volume flexibility. RS Medical’s partnership with Harvest Technologies gives the Vancouver, Washington-based company to market and distribute the system to practitioners.

“With this launch, we are already experiencing tremendous interest for the SmartPReP 2 System from our physician customers,” said John Konsin, President and CEO of RS Medical. “We are excited to be able to add this technology to our expanding product offerings, as we focus on bringing more solutions to our physician customers.” On the other hand, Vice President of Harvest Technologies Patrick Elliott said, “The SmartPReP 2 System has been used with over 1 million patients and is the market leader in PRP technology. Our relationship with RS Medical allows us to expand our presence to specialists who are interested in innovative cellular therapy products.”

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