Storing your laptop with the right backpack is somewhat akin to finding the right pair of shoes for your feet. While many backpacks do have enough space to stash your laptop, there is just one “perfect” backpack out there for different users. Solid Gray offers a backpack with a clever design which has been specially cut and folded out of a single sheet of hi-tech plastic. The result of this? A crustacean-like super tough and yet lightweight hardshell, which is said to deliver quite the sufficient amount of protection against tough knocks and drops. The Solid Gray backpack cannot be said to be totally new in the market, as it was first unveiled to the world at the Dutch Design Week sometime late last year.

However, the Solid Gray Backpack has yet to hit the market officially Stateside, although it has been said that the first edition was sold out within a month. Since then, production has been increased with a worldwide launch to come. Would you be in line to pick one up for your precious new Ultrabook or MacBook Air?

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