Sprint logoOver the past few days there has been some commotion over the possibility of carriers charging its customers for using FaceTime over 3G. AT&T was rumored to be implementing such a plan while Verizon claimed that it was too early to talk about it. However, one carrier has come forward to confirm that it won’t be doing such a thing when iOS 6 arrives. According to a Sprint spokeswoman, the carrier has no plans for charging any additional fees when using FaceTime over its mobile network.

With carriers not even batting an eyelid when consumers use other apps like Skype or Tango to make video calls with mobile data, it makes you wonder why FaceTime gets such special treatment. And if people are going to be charged additional fees for using it, they’ll probably turn to alternative apps instead. Sprint is definitely on the right track by not charging customers for how they use their data.

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