If you’ve ever played DayZ, the multiplayer open world survival horror video game, then probably this report will interest you. A certain DayZ player who goes by the name SinisterPrime reportedly got some really bad customer service experience from a tech support representative at Defcon Servers. The gamer apparently purchased a server from Defcon Servers to host a DayZ game with his friends. Unknown to him, the server that he bought required 40 players to operate, so he contacted the support team to inquire about a refund.

SinisterPrime claims that the tech support was very rude and said that he was too dumb to know the requirements. Later, the gamer reportedly received an email from Defcon Servers that allegedly threatened him saying, “So you want to play games you little shit? How about I post your home address and personal details all over the internet? Would that make you happy? Watch who you fuck with. I will make it so every criminal in your state has your address.” Thankfully, Defcon Servers caught wind of the story and issued a public apology on the DayZ forums. The company also said that it has fired the “disgruntled” tech support representative and is now considering pressing charges due to his borderline criminal comments.

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