Lighting does play quite the important role in making sure that your mode remains on the up and up throughout the day, and this particular concept was not lost on the makers of this special kind of glass that lets through blue light to flood the rooms in your home. The whole premise of having blue lights would be this – it has its job cut out as it will govern biorhythms that in turn, informs you on just when you ought to hit the sack and get some shuteye.

This new kind of glass could eventually result in happier and healthier houses, or so that is what German scientists claimed. Known as ‘Uniglas Vital’, this new kind of glass was specially designed in order to let blue light through thanks to a special coating, resulting in a similar feeling as that of an open window. Obviously, you will not be able to enjoy the kind of breezes that accompany an open window…

There is still no word on a sticker price tag or a release date, but we do hope to keep our eyes peeled on any developments down the road.

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