Tetris lights: add color to your room

Tetris lightsIf you’re a fan of Tetris and you want to spice up your living room with some new lights, these officially licensed Tetris LED blocks will do the trick. Feature all the shapes you’ve come to know and love over the years, these lamps are even stackable so you can set them up anyway you want (and no, they won’t disappear when you form a complete line). It wasn’t mentioned how the blocks are powered, but they turn on whenever they’re stacked (you need a minimum of two) and you’ll need to disassemble them to turn them off.

A pretty cool product that’s bound to start conversations whenever somebody walks into your room for the first time. The Tetris lights are sold in a set of seven blocks (1 of each shape) for $59.99 on Amazon (out of stock for now) and £29.99 ($47) from Firefox.com. Check out a demo of how the lights work on the Firebox website as well.

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