NFC Gumball Machine from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences on Vimeo.

Gumball machines typically dispense gumballs, which we guess is a given, but the folks at Razorfish have decided to come up with something a little different. Utilizing an old gumball machine, an NFC shield, a reed switch and 2 Arduino microcontrollers, they have rigged this gumball machine to dispense anything but gumballs. Instead the Gum Machine will dispense digital goodies in place of candy, such as apps, movies, songs, ebooks and other digital content that can be transferred to smartphones via NFC. How much does it cost, you ask? Well apparently all it would cost is $0.25 and you could be on the receiving end of any of the digital goodies. Of course this is completely random and you might end up with something you might not need, but hey it’s a pretty novel idea and that we can appreciate! If you’d like to see the Gum Machine in action, be sure to check it out in the video above or head on over to Razorfish’s website for the details!

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