When successors to games are released, gamers no doubt expect more content and new features, and if Torchlight 2 is a game you’re looking forward to (especially after the many problems plaguing Diablo 3 since its launch has put you off), you might be pleased to learn that according to the developers, Torchlight 2 is expected to be four times the size of the original game! We don’t mean four times the size in terms of installation, but four times the size in terms of unique areas, unique monsters, monster models, boss battles, and etc. If you’d like to see a side-by-side comparison of what some of the features Torchlight 2 has compared to its predecessor, you can check it out here or head on over to Runic Games’ blog for the details. Still no word on an exact release date, but the developers are confident that the game is still on track for a summer release. So, who else is looking forward to the game?

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