USB 3.0, as everyone knows by now, is the superior standard when it comes to data transfer using this particular standard. Being the most recent version of the USB data/power specification, it is way faster than what USB 2.0 is able to offer. After all, USB 3.0 compatible devices are said to be able to hit speeds of up to 5Gbps, and the future might usher in an age where the power transfer rates is capable of hitting a cool 100 watts of juice. It makes perfect sense that the USB 3.0 specification is still evolving at this point of time, so the next generation version of USB 3.0 could soon make the jump to 100 watts from the current “capacity” of 4.5 Watts.

The recently announced standard is able to offer half a dozen profiles, where they deliver various different amounts of power, depending on what a device needs at this point in time. The profiles will range from as low as 5V/2A, and it will go all the way up to 100 Watts of power at 12V or 20V and 5A — which in theory, is more than enough to juice up a notebook. Could this usher in the end of the proprietary A/C adapter age?

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