The FCC can be said to be a menagerie of devices and consumer electronics gizmos, and here we are with the latest model that comes in the form of the WD TV Play media hub that has also arrived at the hallowed hallways of the FCC. It does seem to indicate Western Digital’s intention of entering into the casual gaming market that is currently being catered to by Roku and its ilk. What you see in the form of the WD TV Play here has yet to be announced on an official capacity, where it will come with a dedicated gaming channel to book.

The pre-release user manual did reveal at least one game which will thrill many – it is a Texas Hold’em variant, although you can be sure that there will be other titles being lined up before they are approved to be fit for release via the gaming services known as Funspot and PlayJam. No idea on whether it will feature a motion controller as found on the Roku, but we do know that the remote itself has been overhauled physically in comparison to its cousin, the WD TV Live. Hopefully more will be revealed in good time.

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