What you see above has yet to be confirmed, and obviously, it is not final yet, although there is plenty of speculation that it could very well be a curved keyboard – which is an input method that relies on a “phone-type” keyboard instead of the seemingly all-conquering QWERTY one, sporting several letters joined at any one time to each key (we are looking at three or four in this case). The whole idea of having such a zany virtual keyboard design is simple – to enable one handed operation. No idea on whether this is ideal or not, but I guess folks who do not mind flirting with the long arm of the law will find this keyboard useful in composing text messages while driving. Of course, if you are using a phablet, then the keyboard’s design and functionality becomes more or less redundant.

There are some out there who claim that the text does not align itself to the top edge of the handset, and so too, the keyboard with several edges, so this could very well be a decent Photoshop job. What do you think if this were to be realized in the real world?

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