With digital purchases of games becoming more frequent, we guess we’re not surprised to learn that collector’s edition of games could eventually become a reason to go digital as well. That being said, the folks at Joystiq were tipped off that the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, the Mists of Pandaria, could be getting a digital version of its collector’s edition release which is pretty much a tradition with every Blizzard game. Pictured above is the screenshot of the page (links to the page were not provided due to security reasons) which shows that users will have the option of purchasing a Digital Deluxe version of the game.

Unfortunately there is no word on what sort of features or perks the Digital Deluxe Edition will offer, or how greatly it will be from the physical copy, nor how much it will cost. Assuming this is not a mistake on Blizzard’s part, World of Warcraft gamers worried that physical copies of the Collector’s Edition might run out may now have a digital alternative.

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