This is rather interesting – who would have thought that the ‘world’s thinnest display‘ is actually a screen that is one huge soap bubble? According to the international team behind this particular transparent display, that’s who. Who knows, the future might see us normal folk actually watch films on soap bubbles, although I do wonder just how sensitive such displays will be to blowing air, and what happens when there is a wayward insect flying through the air and decide to fly right through the soap bubble – would our display be distorted after it bursts?

I guess this particular soap bubble display is very different from the highly fragile soap bubbles that we played with during our childhood, as ultrasonic sound waves are used instead to change film’s properties, creating either a flat or a 3D image. As for the bubble mixture, it has soap as the main ingredient, but will have a mixture that is far more complicated than what our kids get. I wonder how much the first commercially available version will cost…

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