If you thought that maybe playing Street Fighter X Tekken on the Vita might not be as much fun as playing it on a regular console attached to a big screen TV, like a PlayStation 3 for example, you might be mistaken as additional Street Fighter X Tekken features for the PS Vita have been revealed, which also appear to be exclusives for the handheld console. This includes the Ghost Tag feature and the Swap Switch.

For those who have played racing games like Mario Kart before, when you attempt to do timed runs, you will see a “ghost” of your character from the previous run, showing you where you might have made your mistakes and etc. This is essentially the same thing except that in this case, the “ghost” will be your opponent and will allow players to fight the ghost of their opponent. The best part is that it does not require your opponent to be online as the moves he/she performs will be the same as in the previous game.

The next feature is the Swap Switch and this lets you take control of the ghost of your opponent. You will not be able to use this ghost in online fights, but perhaps it might give you an idea of what sort of moves and strategies your opponent employed to beat you to a bloody pulp. More info can be found in the video above or at the official Capcom blog.

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