Adobe stops Flash development for Android

A couple of months ago, we learnt that Flash support for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would be non-existent – and here we are with word that Adobe will finally stop development for Flash on mobile devices, in particular, those running on the Android operating system after realizing that HTML5 is the new vehicle for mobile devices as well as desktops alike to enjoy a richer, more interactive user experience. I guess Adobe made good on their promise to pull the plug on Adobe Flash for Android when August 15th rolled around, didn’t they? From tomorrow onwards, Adobe will block new installs of Flash on Android, and it will still take some time, I believe for many of us to come to terms to considering how Flash once held such a commanding lead in the past. I guess without the right kind of strategy, they failed to move the entire standard forward in the right direction, and it is up to HTML5 to carry the torch now.

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