It seems that hoarders are hoarders – whether we are talking about a physical or digital sense, you know for sure that some of us find it difficult to just let go of the past and throw stuff away. Those who feel that they can never have enough storage space might want to check out just what Amazon has in store for the masses – the Amazon Glacier archiving service that allows you to stash away any amount of data with high durability without breaking your bank account, while allowing you to toss out that tape library.

Amazon Glacier delivers a price so low, it cannot be beat. How low, you ask? Well, we are talking about just $0.01 (one US penny folks!) for each Gigabyte, on a monthly basis. You are able to stash a little bit, or a whole lot – and we are looking at Petabytes and beyond. You need not even fork out any upfront fee beforehand, and you pay for what you use – something like those Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans for mobile phones. There is no worry about running out of storage space as well, leaving you with one less thing to have a headache over. Check out the Amazon Glacier video above for a more comprehensive explanation.

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