Archos has just announced their first gaming tablet known as the Archos GamePad, where it will merge physical gaming controls for that old school touch alongside a full Android-powered tablet, delivering an experience that Archos hopes you have never enjoyed before. Despite its name, the GamePad is not just all about play, as it will also be a viable light working device alternative as you can access email, the Internet, as well as a slew of applications through the Archos GamePad itself. On the outside, you will see a 7″ capacitive touchscreen display complete with physical control buttons and analog sticks. Being a Google certified tablet, you can fully access Google Play without missing a beat.


Underneath the hood lies a dual-core 1.5GHz processor that works in tandem with the Mali 400MP quad-core GPU. Apart from that, the Archos GamePad will be equipped with automatic game recognition and mapping tools, where these patented technology will make sure you can enjoy control compatibility with every new and advanced Android game that rolls out. We are informed that over a 1,000 Android games out now will play nice with the Archos GamePad’s physical controls, back catalog titles that originally didn’t support physical controls included.

What do you think of the form factor, is it a wee bit too thin to be comfortable enough to hold for hours of intensive gaming on end?

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