Batman’s Tumbler vehicle gets reimagined as an F1 racing car

Now it’s safe to assume that as depicted in the movies, Batman’s Tumbler vehicle is not only capable of withstanding massive amounts of abuse, but is pretty quick as well, so what happens if the Tumbler were taken and redesigned as an F1 vehicle? What sort of speeds could we be looking at here? Unfortunately we may never find out, but thanks to KnightVision3D, he has come up with a concept rendering of a Batman Tumbler vehicle in a formula one racing car design. As pictured above, it looks pretty darn good! Powered by jet turbines, it even comes with hydraulic flaps. Now we since we’re not car designers nor racers, we can’t really speak for its realism nor its aerodynamics, but as far as designed is concerned, we certainly love what we see, and given Bruce Wayne’s massive fortune (albeit fictional), we don’t see why he wouldn’t build himself one of these in the future!

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