Losing a limb such as your leg is no fun at all, and thankfully, medical technology has advanced to quite a degree where one is able to walk again while looking rather natural. Well, this particular product known as BiOM is said to be able to be worn by amputees, letting them walk with a very proper gait. Basically, the BiOM device is a prosthetic which is capable of mimicking the functions of calf muscles and the Achilles tendon, where it will go to great lengths in helping the wearer walk naturally, while saving the person’s energy to boot – talk about being efficient. This particular technology will enable folks with the BiOM to walk further without exhausting themselves, all the while maintaining a stable, comfortable gait. Some say it will even help speed up one’s walk. One thing’s for sure, it is rather difficult to tell whether one is wearing the BiOM from one who is a non-amputee, as long as the device itself is covered up by a pair of pants.

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