Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad is a pretty hilarious parodyIf you’ve never played the game Cooking Mama before, it’s a rather cute game that let’s players cook various items by following the instructions on the screen, such as tapping to chop, sliding to slice and etc. It’s pretty cute and we have to admit rather fun as well. Now if you’ve never seen the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, it’s basically about how a high school teacher uses his knowledge on chemistry to cook up meth in which he and his accomplice sells. Now if you’re wondering how Cooking Mama and Breaking Bad relates, developer Juan David Gomez has come up with Cooking Mama: Breaking Bad, a browser-based game.

In case it wasn’t obvious already, this particular version of Cooking Mama has you cooking up drugs instead of food. The concepts are similar in which you follow the instructions on the screen to crush pills, mix solutions and the likes. It’s not a particularly long game but we have to admit that it is pretty funny and will let you cook up drugs without fear of the authorities busting down your door. If you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, you can give the game a spin over here.

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