The world of robotics is definitely getting smaller and smaller, not to mention making inroads into the medical field. Desperate Debra is not an 18-year old who is at her wits’ end because she still has no date to go with to tonight’s prom, but rather, Desperate Debra is touted to be a first-of-its-kind simulator that will train doctors at London’s St Thomas’ hospital so that they will no longer have the jitters in dealing with late-stage emergency caesarean procedures. This is a creepy, life-like pregnancy simulator which actually replicates a real woman in distress when giving birth.

Desperate Debra was named that way in order to reflect the potential seriousness of a patient’s situation down the road, where it has been stated that “across the board maybe one-in-three women now are getting a caesarean and a majority of those are emergency – meaning they’re done during labour.” Not only that, they tend to be performed at night, a time where senior doctors are not always readily available.

The baby’s head found in Desperate Debra actually replicates the soft tissue that is found on an infant’s skull, so that the trainee doctor will be able to figure out the correct degree of force required to free the baby without causing harm to either mother or child.

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