HTC logoWhile HTC might have listened to their customers and started officially unlocking bootloaders, it seems that developers still aren’t 100% pleased yet. One of the problems they claim is that even though HTC might offer official bootloader unlocking, source code for their devices still take quite a while to be released and usually takes anywhere between 90-120 days. This can be pretty long for developers and for those who rely on custom ROMs heavily and so they have launched a petition via and are currently aiming for 7,000 signatures.

Their goal is to persuade HTC through this petition to release the source code earlier. While some of you guys think how does this affect the regular user like you and I, well like we said earlier, if you’re a fan of tweaks and mods and custom ROMs for your HTC device, there is a good chance that the developers who made them rely on the source code to come up with their creations. Slow source code releases would mean that devs have to wait longer, which also means that you will have to wait longer. If you’re a developer or a user that supports developers, pop on over to to sign the petition.

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