When Blizzard announced the Real Money Auction House system for Diablo 3, it was a pretty controversial move and was met with resistance by some, claiming it would be open to abuse and it would give players with more to spend an advantage. Recent bugs that caused transactions to fail also helped with the argument that perhaps the RMAH should be removed, but if you’re still a strong believer that the RMAH can flourish, here’s a great example of it doing so. According to a post on Reddit by a user going by the handle, WishboneTheDog, it seems that he has managed to rake in a pretty cool $10,000 by selling items on the Diablo 3 RMAH, and all of this done legitimately without cheats, hacks, exploits and etc. He even posted screenshots of his transactions and even his PayPal account as proof. Of course we don’t expect everyone to be able to replicate his success, but if you thought that the RMAH was merely a gimmick, perhaps it’s time to rethink that stance.

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